[K-Drama] Thirty But Seventeen


  • Drama: Still 17 (English title) / Thirty But Seventeen (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Seoreunijiman Yeolilgobibmida
  • Hangul: 서른이지만 열일곱입니다
  • Director: Jo Soo-Won
  • Writer: Jo Sung-Hee
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 40
  • Release Date: July 23 - September 25, 2018
  • Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 22:00 (35 minutes each / 2 episodes per day)
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Gong Woo-Jin (Yang Se-Jong) is a 30-year-old single man and he works as a set designer. Due to a trauma he experienced 13 years ago, he does not want to have a relationship with others.

When Woo Seo-Ri (Shin Hye-Sun) was 17, she fell into a coma. 13 years later, she wakes up from her coma. Her mental age is still that of a 17-year-old, but she is now 30-years-old.

Gong Woo-Jin and Woo Seo-Ri get involved with each other and fall in love.


  1. "Thirty But Seventeen" takes over the SBS Monday & Tuesday 22:00 time slot previously occupied by "Wok of Love" and will be replaced by "Fox Bride Star" September, 2018.
  2. First script reading took place May 16, 2018 at SBS Studio in Tanhyun, Ilsan, South Korea


Still 17-Shin Hye-Sun.jpg Still 17-Yang Se-Jong.jpg Still 17-Ahn Hyo-Seop.jpg Still 17-Ye Ji-Won.jpg Still 17-Jo Hyun-Sik.jpg
Shin Hye-Sun Yang Se-Jong Ahn Hyo-Seop Ye Ji-Won Jo Hyun-Sik
Woo Seo-Ri Gong Woo-Jin Yoo Chan Jennifer Han Deok-Soo
Lee Do-Hyun Still 17-Deok-Koo.jpg Still 17-Jung Eugene.jpg Ahn Seung-Kyoon Still 17-Lee Seung-Yoon Sun-Woo.jpg
Lee Do-Hyun [[]] Jung Eugene Ahn Seung-Kyoon Yoon Sun-Woo
Dong Hae-Beom Deok-Koo Kang Hee-Soo Jin Hyun Kim Hyeong-Tae
Still 17-Wang Ji-Won.jpg Still 17-Jo Yoo-Jung.jpg Lee Seung-Joon Still 17-Shim Yi-Young.jpg Still 17-Lee Ah-Hyun.jpg
Wang Ji-Won Jo Yoo-Jung Lee Seung-Joon Shim Yi-Young Lee Ah-Hyun
Kim Tae-Rin Lee Ree-An Kim Hyun-Kyu Kook Mi-Hyun Gong Hyun-Jung
Lee Seo-Yeon
Lee Seo-Yeon
No Soo-Mi

Additional Cast Members:

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