[K-Drama] Ms. Hammurabi



  • Drama: Ms. Hammurabi
  • Revised romanization: Miseu Hammurabi
  • Hangul: 미스 함무라비
  • Director: Kwak Jung-Hwan
  • Writer: Moon Yoo-Seok (novel & screenplay)
  • Network: JTBC
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: May 21, 2018 --
  • Runtime: Mon & Tue 23:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Park Cha O Reum works as a rookie judge. She is in her mid-20's and follows "an eye for an eye" principle. She does not accept prejudice or blindly follow authority. Dealing with cases, she and her colleagues, including Im Ba-Reun, grow as persons.


  1. "Ms. Hammurabi" takes over the JTBC Mon & Tue 23:00 time slot previously occupied by "Welcome to Waikiki" and followed by "Life" July, 2018.
  2. Based on the novel "Ms. Hammurabi" by Moon Yoo-Seok (published 2015 in daily newspaper The Hankyoreh).
  3. First script reading took place January 16, 2018.
  4. Drama series is a 100% pre-production (filming began January, 2018).
  5. First still image from JTBC drama series “Ms. Hammurabi”.
  6. 5 character posters for JTBC drama series “Ms. Hammurabi.”


Ms. Hammurabi-Go Ara.jpg L Ms. Hammurabi-Sung Dong-Il.jpg Ms. Hammurabi-Ryu Deok-Hwan.jpg Ms. Hammurabi-Lee Elijah.jpg
Go Ara L Sung Dong-Il Ryu Deok-Hwan Lee Elijah
Park Cha O Reum Im Ba-Reun Han Se-Sang Jung Bo-Wang Lee Do-Yeon
Ms. Hammurabi-Lee Tae-Sung.jpg Ms. Hammurabi-Ahn Nae-Sang.jpg Ms. Hammurabi-Cha Soon-Bae.jpg Ms. Hammurabi-Lee Won-Jong.jpg Ms. Hammurabi-Kim Hong-Fa.jpg
Lee Tae-Sung Ahn Nae-Sang Cha Soon-Bae Lee Won-Jong Kim Hong-Fa
Min Yong-Joon judge Sung Gong-Choong Bae Gon-Dae chief judge
Lee Cheol-Min Ms. Hammurabi-Yum Ji-Young.jpg Lee Yea-Eun Ms. Hammurabi-Kim Young-Ok.jpg Ms. Hammurabi-Park Sun-Cheon.jpg
Lee Cheol-Min Yum Ji-Young Lee Yea-Eun Kim Young-Ok Park Sun-Cheon
Maeng Sa-Sung Yoon Ji-Young Lee Dan-Di Park Cha O Reum's grandmother Im Ba-Reun's mother

Additional Cast Members:

List Episodes of [K-Drama] Ms. Hammurabi

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Miss.Hammurabi.E09.180619.720p-JY.mp4 619.86 MB 3 Days Download Download Download
Miss.Hammurabi.E08.180618.1080p-JY.mp4 827.39 MB 4 Days Download Download Download
Miss.Hammurabi.E08.180618.720p-JY.mp4 601.03 MB 4 Days Download Download Download
Miss.Hammurabi.E07.180612.1080p-JY.mp4 912.99 MB 6 Days Download Download Download
Miss.Hammurabi.E07.180612.720p-JY.mp4 662.89 MB 6 Days Download Download Download
Miss.Hammurabi.E06.180605.1080p-JY.mp4 867.72 MB 16 Days Download Download Download
Miss.Hammurabi.E06.180605.720p-JY.mp4 630.19 MB 16 Days Download Download Download
Miss.Hammurabi.E05.180604.1080p-JY.mp4 880.16 MB 17 Days Download Download Download
Miss.Hammurabi.E05.180604.720p-JY.mp4 639.01 MB 17 Days Download Download Download


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