[J-Movies] Kuuki Ningyou


  • Movie: Air Doll
  • Romaji: Kuuki Ningyou
  • Japanese: 空気人形
  • Korean: 공기인형 (Konggi Inhyeong)
  • Director: Hirokazu Koreeda
  • Writer: Yoshiie Goda (manga)
  • Producer: Toshiro Uratani
  • Cinematographer: Pin Bing Lee
  • World Premiere: May 14, 2009 (Cannes Film Festival)
  • Release Date: September 26, 2009
  • Runtime: 116 Min.
  • Distributor: Asmik Ace Entertainment
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


An "air doll" (played by Bae Doo-Na) suddenly develops human feelings one day. Without her owner knowing, the air doll decides to walk around town. She then falls in love with Junichi, whom she spots while walking the aisles of a video rental store. She then starts to date Junichi and eventually works at the video shop. Everything seems to be going perfect for the air doll until something unexpected happens to her.


  1. Based on Yoshiie Goda's manga "The Pneumatic Figure of a Girl".
  2. Hirokazu Koreeda has stated that the film took 9 years from planning stages until completion.
  3. Filming completed late Jan. 2009.
  4. "Air Doll" is expected to have world its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival and then its theatrical Japan release sometime in the fall of 2009.
  5. Fortissimo Films purchased all rights outside of Japan for "Air Doll" during the Hong Kong Asian Film Financing Forum (HAF - March 23-25, 2009).


Air Doll-Bae Doo-Na.jpg Airdoll-arata.jpg Airdoll-itsuji itao.jpg Airdoll-Ryo Iwamatsu.jpg Airdoll-Tasuku Emoto.jpg
Bae Doo-Na Arata Iura Itsuji Itao Ryo Iwamatsu Tasuku Emoto
Nozomi Junichi Hideo Owner of Video Rental Shop Peep-tom Student
Airdoll-joe odagiri.jpg Airdoll-Mari Hoshino.jpg Airdoll-Junko Fuji.jpg Airdoll-Susumu Terajima.jpg Airdoll-Tomomi Maruyama.jpg
Joe Odagiri Mari Hoshino Sumiko Fuji Susumu Terajima Tomomi Maruyama
Air Doll Maker Apple Woman Widow Policeman Moe's father

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