[J-Drama] Maji de Koukai Shitemasu Season 2


  • Drama: Maji de Koukai Shitemasu: Second Season
  • Romaji: Maji de Koukai Shitemasu Second Season
  • Japanese: マジで航海してます。~Second Season~
  • Director: Noboru Iguchi
  • Writer: Atsushi Asada
  • Network:TBSMBS
  • Episodes: 6
  • Release Date: July 29 - September 2, 2018 (MBS) / July 31 - September 4, 2018 (TBS)
  • Runtime: Sundays 24:50 (MBS) / Tuesdays 25:28 (TBS)
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Set on a car carrier, while on a voyage.

Marin Sakamoto (Marie Iitoyo) begins work as a third mate. During the voyage, she is busy while the ship visits countries like Singapore and the continent of Europe. Even though she gets used to her work, she makes mistakes.

Meanwhile, Tsubame Ishikawa (Rena Takeda) became a third engineer. She has gained the trust of her colleagues and she is about to be promoted to second engineer. Due to her company's situation, she gets assigned to work on land. Cyring, Tsubame Ishikawa gets off the ship. She faces trouble in her personal life and work.


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    1. Maji de Koukai Shitemasu (TBS-MBS / 2017)
    2. Maji de Koukai Shitemasu: Second Season (TBS-MBS / 2018)


Maji de Koukai Shitemasu-Second Season-Marie Iitoyo.jpg Maji de Koukai Shitemasu-Second Season-Rena Takeda.jpg Maji de Koukai Shitemasu-Second Season-Yuta Hiraoka.jpg Maji de Koukai Shitemasu-Second Season-Shuto Miyazaki.jpg Maji de Koukai Shitemasu-Second Season-Masaru Mizuno.jpg
Marie Iitoyo Rena Takeda Yuta Hiraoka Shuto Miyazaki Masaru Mizuno
Marin Sakamoto Tsubame Ishikawa Takuya Kanzaki Hikaru Kisaragi Shusaku Harumi
Maji de Koukai Shitemasu-Second Season-Yukio Ueno.jpg Maji de Koukai Shitemasu-Second Season-Ren Kondo.jpg Maji de Koukai Shitemasu-Second Season-ICONIQ.jpg Maji de Koukai Shitemasu-Second Season-Masaki Nakao.jpg 90px
Yukio Ueno Ren Kondo ICONIQ Masaki Nakao Ano
Furio Mendosa Naoto Hasegawa Taeko Noguchi Sosuke Mano Tamako Nanahara
Maji de Koukai Shitemasu-Second Season-Kenichi Yajima.jpg Maji de Koukai Shitemasu-Second Season-Morooka Moro.jpg
Kenichi Yajima Morooka Moro
Teruhiko Tateyama Saburo Arai

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